Faculty prepares for Socratic Practice Seminar

Partial view of the meeting with CHH faculty

As part of the preparation for a Seminar on Socratic Practice a group of professors of Economic Process and Social Philosophy of Universidad Francisco Marroquín participated in a meeting last March 10th 2007.

The seminar, organized by the Henry Hazlitt Center of this house of studies, will be imparted by Albert Loan and is a follow up from the one held last November.

On that time the discussion objects were the introduction and the first two chapters of the book the habit of thinking, Socratic dialogue in the classroom, by Michael Strong.

During his first visit to the UFM, Loan referred to the Socratic practice as follows: «I think that one of the main goals of the Socratic dialogue is to emancipate the intellectual authority to the student.  The traditional education systems usually train the student to be more dependent on the professor, as a source of all information, the truth, good judgments and above.  This way, when the student gets to the university is used to seek outside of themselves, and seeking others to do, for them, the intellectual judgments.  They are not used to see critically their own thoughts and expect others to tell them when it is that they are not thinking correctly.  In the process of Socratic dialogues we withdrawn the student from that sense of intellectual authority and develop in them a sense of independence where they assume responsibility of their own intellectual judgments and learn to critically evaluate their own thinking process».

Albert Loan is professor at The School of the Woods, in Houston, Texas; a private diversified Montessori School.  He is an expert in Socratic Dialogues, graduated in George Mason University and received an M.A. award in Education from the Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts.

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