Fauna richness at the UFM

David Lee, UFM student holds a yellow belly snake

David Lee, student of the School of Economic Sciences at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, holds a yellow belly snake that he found in the surroundings of the bust of Francisco Marroquín.

The UFM campus is located in the middle of a typical montano forest in the valley of Guatemala city and is inhabited by a great variety of flora and fauna.  The property has been constituted in a 
Arboretum with the objectives of conserving and exhibiting live plants and trees, native and exotic, and to conform an ecological refuge for local endangered animal and vegetable species, and to recover the ecosystem of the UFM campus. 

The yellow belly or  Geophis sp. is an inoffensive snake that prefers to live in hidden corners.  It feeds on slimys and worms.

Those who study and work at Universidad Francisco Marroquín enjoy, throughout the year, seasons that offer particular nature spectacles.  February and March, for example, are the months where orchids are plentiful; May is rich in bird nests and fungi; and October is the month of the banana spiders.





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