FCE students in Juvea conference

Partial view of the meeting between FCE students and Juvea members

As part of the course titled Tópicos Económicos given by Centro de Investigaciones Económicas Nacionales, senior students from the School of Economic Sciences of Universidad Francisco Marroquín attended a conference presented by the organization Juventud en Acción, last August 9 of 2007.

Juvea seeks support from students to design a proposal to turn a computer center, that the association operates in Parque Navidad, in zone 5 of Guatemala City, into a self sustainable center. It’s purpose is the educative development of their patrons.

Juventud en Acción, is a non lucrative association of young people dedicated to improve children and teen agers’ quality of life in Guatemala. They work in different projects such as aid for children who are in risky situations and other groups of concern specially Guatemala’s children. 

The students project is part of the class Tópicos Económicos within a collaboration framework between CIEN and Juvea; it was an initiative of Gerardo Pallais, UFM student, who proposed the project to professors Hugo Maúl and Lisardo Bolaños.

When he took the course, Pallais participated in the reconstruction of the Public School San Miguel de las Flores, in Masagua, Esculintla; currently he is member of Juvea’s board of directors.

«According to the plan, the classroom is divided into four groups that will compete to present the best proposal.  Once the winner is chosen, everyone will work in the proyect implementation. I really believe it is an excellent opportunity for students to use all their knowledge, skills, abilities and contacts in a good cause. As alumni of that course, I am completely certain that we will obtain an excellent proposal for the development of this community.  I believe there is nothing more rewarding and comforting for a human being that knowing you have helped other human beings to succeed, especially when they are children and teen agers with low incomes», Pallais explained.

On behalf of Juvea the participants were: Sabrina Wever (President), Stephanie Klose (vice president), Juan Carlos Velasquez Pesca, Gerardo Pallais, and Jose Ricardo Briz (the 3 members of the Board of Direcors), Michelle Sarmiento (Executive Director of Juvea), Ignacio Toriello (member of the Committee of the Computer center), Luis Flores (ex-president of Juvea), Karen Santizo (in charge of the Computer center), and Glendy Ruiz (attending at Juvea main offices).

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