Federico Antillón publishes an oncology treaty

Federico Antillón at his practice office

Treaty of oncologic pediatrics. Children and adolescents malignant diseases, is the title of the work published by doctors Federico Antillón and Luis Sierrasesúmaga.  The first one is graduated from the  Medicine School of the Francisco Marroquín University, and the second one is director of the Pediatric Department of Navarra´s University Clinic.

Antillón made postdegree studies on pediatrics at the University Clinic and he graduated in 1990, then he obtained a Doctorate degree in Cellular Biology at the Medicine School of the University of Navarra in 1994.

Later he continued his medical carreer with a sub-specialty in Hemathology and pediatric oncology in 1997 in Saint Jude Children´s Research Hospital of Memphis. He returned to Guatemala to work in a project for children and adolescents with cancer; and from that team, was born the Ayúdame a Vivir Foundation in 1997 and the National Unit of Pediatric Oncology in 2000. Antillón acted as a Medical Director of that institution from its creation. In coordination with the Medicine School of the Francisco Marroquín University and the Saint Jude Hospital, he contributed to the creation of the postdegree to form sub-specialists in Hemathology and Pediatric Oncology in 2003. In 2004 he obtained the Masters of Medical Administration in a joint program of the University of Tulane and the Central American Institute of Business Management.

In the investigation area he has been author and coauthor of 71 medical articles in international magazines, as well as of 12 book chapters related to the subject.

Antillon and Sierrasesúmaga´s treaty is a text about childrens and adolescents diseases, with information of recognized authorities in the Pediatric Oncology field, of Ibero-America, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Canada and the United States.




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