Fernando Estrada presides Aiesec Guatemala

Fernando Estrada studies at the UFM´s Economic Sciences School.

Fernando Estrada, student of the School of Economic Sciences of Universidad Francisco Marroquín is the new president of the International Association of Students of Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC).

Estrada has had an active participation in AIESEC Guatemala and has worked in several projects mainly in those that involve his passion for finances.  At the moment he is vice-president of the UFM Committee. 

During the assembly in which Estrada was elected, that was celebrated from February 2nd to the 4th of 2007, Juan Pablo Castellanos, Ahmid Dacaret, Marcela Duarte, and Ana Lucia Palmieri, from the UFM; and Hans Bahnsen, from Universidad Del Valle de Guatemala received votes of confidence as candidate to integrate the board of directors of Guatemala.  The selection will be on a later session.

AIESEC is a global institution that reunites to students of economic sciences, business administration, audit, trade and engineering.

Photos of the session and the baptism of the President,





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