First art exhibition, by law students

The Man, work by María Lewin

The first Art exhibition of Law students from the Francisco Marroquín University, was celebrated on February 21-24th of 2006 in the Ixchel Museum of the indigenous suit, located in the Cultural Center of the Francisco Marroquín University.

In the exhibition the participating students were Kimberly Monroy, Sofía Noriega, Juan Pablo Gramajo, Juan Daniel Rivers, Andrea Onlooker, Maria Lewin, Andrea Sanchez, Javier Bauer, Francisco Castro, Nicole Farrach, Maria Isabel Briz, Mariana Martínez.  The techniques were acrylic, oleo, Spain white, batik, drawing, mixed (oleo and acrylic) and laminated.

This was an activity organized by the Department of Legal Information, the Law School and by the Forvm Group that is an association of students of the UFM´s Law School, whose objective is to promote the academic interchange of ideas in the different fields of knowledge.

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