»For a New Liberty», available at the UFM

The book was edited by Grito Sagrado, in Buenos Aires

For a New Liberty, The Libertarian Manifesto, by Murria N. Rothbard is a book that stays current and is for sale at the bookstores in the campus of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

«The Hispano American crisis is not economical, but ethical.  Even if its manifestation is material, its root is spiritual», says the editor, Freddy Kofman.

«We are immersed in a despicable political philosophy, a philosophy that puts the individual at the service of the State, exposed to the shadows of coercion.  This book, intransigent and polemic, confronts without inhibitions such regretful situation», warns Kofman.

«With an inexpugnable logic, Rothbard shows us how libertarian philosophy allows the human being to live in a society, cooperating with its peers in his search for happiness», explains the editor.

«Rothbards voice is raised clamorously in defense of the highest ideals of human beings, ideals that contrast and show the slaving principles of collectivism.  Everyone who loves liberty, compromised with a worthy life, owes himself the reading of this wonderful book», says Kofman. 

For a New Liberty is for sale, for only Q266, at the CEES, Marro-king and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz bookstores at the UFM campus.

Murray N. Rothbard was born in 1926 and died in 1995.  Economist, historian, philosopher, politician, modern iconoclast and anecdote teller, he is also a magisterial editor, passionate and rigorously logic, capable of turning the most complicated matters comprehensible and interesting.

This book has been claimed to be the best libertarian work, since he introduces us in the subject through an interesting and exiting reading.





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