Free one, ten or more books!

The Ludwig von Mises Library, at the UFM Campus
Photo by Harry Díaz

You free a book when you leave it in a public space for others to read.  As a way to contribute so that more people have access to free books, the Ludwig von Mises Library of Universidad Francisco Marroquin, has engaged in the book freeing practice, or bookcrossing, informed Adelaida Loukota, head of the Library’s Public Relations.

«The book liberation is about leaving books in public spaces, of course, after registering them at the bookcrossing website and marking each book with a bookcrossing id number.  This way everyone has access to free books.  If you find a book that’s bookcrossed, visit the website and write your comments on the book’s record», explained Loukota.

«At the Library of Universidad Francisco Marroquin, next Wednesday October 11th, at 1:00 p.m. the red ribbon will be cut, that is, the inauguration of the basket for bookcrossing books.  This will be like a station where you can free your books, we also have a website with all the information on bookcrossing at«, concluded Loukota.





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