Freedom and Ibsen´s centennial

The book was first published in 1879

To commemorate a centenary of Henrik Ibsen´s death, the Henry Hazlitt Center of the  Francisco Marroquín University and the American Guatemalan Institute will celebrate a forum titled The importance of  freedom and of taking the personal existence in your own hands. Ibsen is the author of » Casa de muñecas» and other books. 

The participants will be Julio Caesar De León Barbero, head professor of Social Philosophy; and Ronald Flores, writer and analyst, author of Los señores de Xiblablá, among others books.  The forum will be carried out Wednesday February 1st 2006, at 6:30 p.m., in the Walt Withman Library, of the IGA; Route 1, 4-05, zone 4.

This is Ibsen´s death centenary. In many parts of the world acts of recognition to this Norwegian dramatist work are being prepared.

«In Ibsen´s work
Casa de muñecas   constituted an entire provocation in its days. Written in the most philosophical stage of the author, this work it is an educative theatrical piece. It undresses a world in which women do not have the option to take their own life in their hands and lack the freedom understood like self-determination. It is not about feminism, its a reclamation in favor of the human being to construct its life and not to be a simple toy or adornment «, De León indicated.





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