Friday the 13th, Terror Club at the UFM

A phantom traveled through the Library surroundings during the event

Stories of processional ghosts, death and phantoms were heard at the reunion of the Terror Club celebrated last Friday April 13th 2007 under the bridge of the Ludwig von Mises Library, at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

«Tell us your scary stories, visit the exposition of the Holly Week Museum and share an out of this world experience», said Adelaida Loukota, head of Public Reralions of the Library, when she invited to the meeting.

It was like that, and Milton Estuardo Argueta, Juan Fernando Girón and Luis Gerardo Ramírez, from Museo de Semana Santa, told terrifying stories like the story of the Ghostly Burial, a ghostly procession that travels through the streets of Guatemala’s Historical Center during Holly Friday.  They also told the story of an encounter with La Llorona, and an experience in a haunted house.

The participating audience told stories like the one of Chendo Mío, a man that was murdered for adultery; the nun that committed suicide and appears at the Historical Center; or the little man with a guitar, commonly known as El Sombrerón.

There were tostadas, torrejas, empanadas, horchata and coffee.  Also an exhibition of tunics used by cucuruchos, loaned by the Museo de la Semana Santa.  A black faceless phantom wandered through the library’s fountain during the event.  Also a participant brought the vals of La Llorona, that scared more than one.

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