Fundal at UFM´s Excellence Center 

In the Excellence Center at the Francisco Marroquín University, the staff of the  Alex Foundation (FUNDAL) participated in a Challenge Ropes Course in a teambuilding,leadership and communication program.

Fundal is dedicated to support deaf and blind children and young adults as well as their families.

The very active and enthusiastic group conformed by teachers, collaborators and administrative personnel succesfully completed the activity, accomplished their objectives and, by means of feedback discussions, they discovered new teamwork,leadership and communication skills that they can use in everyday activities.

Some of the comments were:

Excellent! An impressive and unforgettable experience.It serves us to analyze our potentials.Congratulations! Besides motivating teamwork, they showed real teamwork and respected the safety rules all along.Excellent experience!  This is a privileged place.I liked the experience very much, I would love to repeat it! 

The Challenge Ropes Camp of the Excellence Center is on a hill behind the Ludwig von Mises Library that also comprises the UFM´s
Arboretum. More than 1.500 people including students, educational and administrative personnel from the University, as well as students of other institutions and companies,have received workshops that include ropes challenges and other dynamics.

The Excellence Center is an educative project directed to UFM students and external people to contribute to its integral education developing teamwork and leadership skills.

More photos,
[Fundal at UFM´s Excellence Center here].




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