Gerardo Pallais concluded interchange program in Barcelona

Gerardo Pallais, at ESADE, when concluding his interchange program 

Gerald Pallais, student of the School of Economic Sciences at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, concluded an interchange program at ESADE Business School, in Barcelona.

There he took the courses Marketing, from strategy to action; and Business Administration in Europe.

«Actually both courses were very different the first one was a seminary with people from many countries (Rumania, Italy, USA, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Spain) and all ages.  I was youngest (22 years old) and there were people who worked in great multinationals, consultants and great companies like Nascar in the United States of America. This course was very interesting since we learned a lot from class discussions and the experience of my companions and from amazing university professors (who have great international prestige)», Pallais explained.  

«The second course was a little more demanding since we were treated more like undergrad students with a lot of homework, tests, projects, and others tasks; and we were students between 20 and 25 years old only. There was a big group of Mexicans that came from TEC de Monterrey, and Juan Pablo Gomez who came with me from the UFM and some other students of other nationalities (Norwegian, Italian, Swiss, Brazilian and Colombian)», he added.

«Studying abroad is a great learning experience that goes beyond what you learn in the classrooms. You learn a lot just by coexisting with people from other countries since they share their points of view, their opinions and the ways they make things in their countries. If, in addition to that, you add the friends you make, I believe that it is not possible to materialize what you get to win.  In a similar way to other exchanges Ive made, I believe that the level that we have at the UFM is very good, and we have the capacity to compete internationally», Pallais concluded.

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