Ghersi at the UFM: Tradition and laws as sources of The Law

Enrique Ghersi at the UFM´s Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Auditorium.

“In every society the forms to provide norms (law and tradition) compete. It’s us, the people, and only the people, who decide what it is that we obey; and we move from one to the other and back based on what it is that benefits us the most”, Enrique Ghersi said while referring to the competitive character of the origins of The Law.

“This is a positive explanation of things as they are; and only if we understand the competitive operativeness of law sources we will be able to understand how current laws really work. It is not a normative explanation of things as they must be, nor is an ethical content, or a vindication to disobey the law”, he added.

Enrique Ghersi, lawyer and Peruvian journalist, spoke about the competitive character of the origins of the law last March 1st of 2007 at the UFM’s Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Auditorium.

The presentation of Ghersi was in charge of the dean of the UFM’s Law School, Milton Estuardo Argueta, and the conference was attended by authorities, professors and students of the University. When concluding the President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., handed Ghersi a copy of the book Four Centuries of Geographic Expressions of the Central American Isthmus, written by Jens P. Bornholt; and a UFM necktie.

Ghersi has been an editor in the newspaper La Prensa, writer of the Reason magazine, conductor of the program economy of the day, investigator at the Institute Freedom and Democracy, and university professor of Law at the University of Lima. He is a visiting professor at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

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