Growth and resources research, at UFM

David Amador and Roberto Blum at the UFM´s teachers lounge

The International Research center Ibn Khaldun of the Francisco Marroquín University, by means of their director, David Amador with coparticipation with Roberto Blum, director David Hume Ethic Center, of this house of studies, carries out a project of international investigation in which they make a comparative study Mexico-Guatemala around the necessary reforms for economic growth and the natural resource advantages.

This project will be published and financed by the Independent Institute that Alvaro Vargas Llosa directs.

«In the investigation project we are looking forwart to take involve senior students of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations so that they complement their university education with some research», the promotors explained.

At the same time, Amador and Blum work in the publication of a book on the individual conscience and the feeling of guilt. The same one will be published, jointly, at the end of semester 2006.





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