Happy Birthday, UFM!

Group of students of the Medicine Faculty before initiating a class of Social Philosophy

Today, 34 years ago, was founded the University Francisco Marroquín whose commitments with the academic excellence and the philosophy of the freedom have given an exceptional leadership him.

«The university Francisco Marroquín is a wonderful and little common example. In few years it has been placed between the universities leaders in Latin America with a very important influence in the region», said Milton Friedman, Nobel prize of Economy. Four awarded with that prestigious prize have visited the UFM to receive doctorates honoris causa, of this house of studies.

The president of the UFM, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., talked about to the anniversary in the following terms: «In the University Francisco Marroquín we are very proud not only of the fulfillment of our mission, but also to reach levels of clear excellence recognized internationally. Clear that this does not happen by chance.  It is part of the legacy of those who they founded this house of studies and fruit of the commitment of all those that in the classrooms like professors or students -, in the administration, the diverse activities and services, we tried to locate itself over the simple material and routine fulfillment of having, to turn to us examples of coherent life. For that reason we celebrated these 34 years of university life with joy, and tried to radiate it outside the campus, towards all those that also make his our sleeplessness, our work, our ambition and our successes».

Other celebrities talk about to the UFM in the following terms: «for me this is the best university of the world», said Fredy Kofman, author of the Metamanagement book. «Guatemala is seated on great assets that are the UFM and the wonderful intellectual capital that it is forming», said to Ruth Richardson, exminister of Finances of New Zealand. «Here in the UFM, this distant place of the world, it has been managed to capture the most privileged minds in economic, political, social and philosophical matter worldwide», indicated Robert Salinas, president of Mexico Business Forum.

Students, like Ana Maria Lopez, of the Faculty of Laws, realize that. «My experience in the UFM has been unique. It has served to me to grow like person, and I have learned a lot», said.

André Moscoso talked about thus to its experience in the UFM: «It is the best university of Guate, and it has exceeded my expectations «. And Paula Pando said that «it is an academic experience that has contributed much to my life. It is a world where it is possible to be learned of all the people».

Jose Alejandro Herrera, of Architecture, said: «I recommend it by the university professors, seem very good to me. The facilities give the comfort him to one and because yes they give desire to come to the university». Whereas Giovanna Rivano, of Nutrition indicated that «the UFM is very pretty, it has good academic level and they urge it one to study».

From Spain, the writer Carlos Alberto Montaner said that «it is not possible to exaggerate the importance of this teaching institution in Guatemala. It is a true model for other countries, a center of where emanates ideas and attitudes, that it is almost most important that it is possible to be requested to him to an institution».

Also, from Moscow, Andrei Ilarionov, adviser of the president of Russia, made emphasis in which «the level of vanguard in the UFM, as much academic as technological exceeded all possible expectation».

Alexandra Narváez, student of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations observed that «the professors really make the race most special because they give and demand much. They cause that one thinks and analyzes and that it does not remain only with which they say books». And on the other hand, Kevin Moldahuer, that already closed pénsum and is slope of its deprived examinations, explained that «when one leaves realizes of which it is very well prepared».

The University Francisco Marroquín was founded for those people who wish to acquire a rigorous professional formation, on the smaller possible time, and an academic atmosphere oriented to benefit the good student.

The UFM stands out by their students, and his claustro of professionals of recognized prestige in the Guatemalan and foreign community, by small groups of students, the opportunity to continue studies abroad thanks to their narrow bonds with several universities and institutions of other countries, and by its modern and beautiful campus around as it constructs a

In addition to possibilities of interchanges with institutions like the University of Tulane, Texas A&M, George Mason University and the Cleveland Clinic, for example, the students of the UFM have the opportunity to study with distinguished professors visitors of the United States, Latin America and Europe. They come from complete time and others give to conferences or occasional seminaries. Among them are told professors Wayne Leighton and Roberto Blum, the politólogo Carlos Sabino, the Spanish journalist Carlos Rodriguez Braun, the expert in forense science Kevin Mac Munigal, the creator of Sócrates Coffee Christopher Phillips and lawyer Andrew Morris, to mention some.

In the cultural area, the UFM counts on the Organization for the Arts Francisco Marroquín, who organizes international festivals of music and famous ballet with artists and sets. Also with the Museum Popol Vuh, dedicated to the conservation of the Guatemalan historical patrimony and an important collection of pre-Hispanic objects and colonial art. And in its campus is the Ixchel Museum of indigenous textiles.

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