Harry Browne died

Harry Browne, was a liberty champion

«Even when his position opposed the prevalecent politics, culture and public opinion, Harry Browne was a man of principles who defended freedom consistently and bravely», Said Llewellyn H. Rockwell, when expressing his sorrow for Harry Browne´s death, last March 1st of 2006.

Browne was a great writer who worked hard in his phrases, making them an effective way to educate  people about free markets and a society of free persons.

He was part of modern liberalism´s history. His book How Can You Profit from the Comming Devaluation, published in 1970, was a success in his days.  He predicted the results of abandoning the gold pattern by president Richard M. Nixon, in the United States. Contrasting legions of economists of the prevailing  current, he knew, by his readings of Austrian economists like Murria Rothbard, that an inflationary period was coming and the gold prices would rise, in the not so distant future. Those who followed his advice, did well.

Llewellyn explained that the book also had pedagogical merits. He intoduced to the reading community  books of the Austrian School of economics on how to make investmentes.  He explained the origin and the nature of money and how the gold standard had been destroyed by the governments, not for good reasons, but to give more fuel to their thirst of poder.  He explained how economic cycles are the result of monetary manipulation by the central banks, theory that had been raised by Mises.  He applied the theory to real life events.

Although he was never an enthusiast of the Libertarian Party, in 1996 he participated in the presidential race on behalf of that organization, explained Lewellyn H. Rockewell, president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.




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