Historians from the Department of State, at the UFM

Marc Susser and Douglas Kraft before their lecture at the UFM

Marc Susser and Douglas Kraft, Historian and chief of the Middle East and the Americas at the Office of the Historian, Department of State of the Unites States of America, gave a lecture at the Institute of Political Studies and Public Relations of the Francisco Marroquín University last July 11th 2006.

The main topic of the conference was classified documents published by the Department of State on Guatemala.

The Office of the Historian, from that Department, is responsible for the publication of the official history documentation of the exterior relations of the United States in a series called
Foreign Relations of the United States.

The office also does research and writes historical studies on diplomacy and exterior policy for the Secretary of State and other functionaries.

Susser is Director of the Office of the Historian since 2001.  Before that he directed the Office of Country Reports and Asylum Affairs in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, unit responsible for the preparation of the yearly Country Reports on Human Rights Practices.  He has a Ph.D. in History from Harvard University.

Kraft is a specialist in relations between the USA and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.  In May 2003 he received an award for his role coordinating a conference about Guatemala, the 1054 liberation.  Kraft has a Ph.D. on Latin American History by the University of Miami.

After their conference, the visitors joined by Pedro Trujillo, EPRI’s Director, gathered with the UFM’s general Secretary, Ricardo Castillo A. and UFM’s Vice President emeritus, Rigoberto Juarez-Paz.  Afterwards, they had a tour around the UFM campus visiting the new Business School building, the Center of Advanced Technologies and the Socratic Wing at the Academic Building where they saw the work of the
New Media Digital Resources Center.

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