IHS Internships, opportunities not to be missed

The IHS internships are a valuable experience for UFM´s students

Friday, March 31st 2006, is the last day to apply to any of the 13 Summer Seminars offered by the Institute for Humane Studies (HIS).  Don´t let this opportunity go by!

The Seminars are held at universities like Standford, Princeton and Brown.  They reunite students and alumni from all over the world and involve excellent professors in themes like globalization, recent affairs, social changes, art, culture, poverty and more.  The participation is free and you can apply at

The big topics are:

Solutions to recent challenges:  Analyze problems and evaluate the viability of possible alternative solutions on themes related to globalization, civil liberties and environment:
http://www.TheIHS.org/article.php/1322.htmlSeminars focused on your professional career with emphasis on relevant matters for those students that plan to work on journalism, academics, political design or arts.
http://www.TheIHS.org/article.php/1323.htmlExploration of new ideas and perspectives:  an introduction to classical liberal thinking trough philosophy, literature, art, economics, history, psychology and more.
http://www.TheIHS.org/article.php/1319.htmlExploration of deep ideas:  go beyond the classics; consider the historical implications and the current applications of classic liberal thought.





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