IK Center and the Hayek Foundation present »Camino de libertad»

This is the first edition of  Camino de libertad

The Ibn Khaldun Research Center, of Universidad Francisco Marroquin, in conjunction with the Hayek Foundation, of Argentina, published the first number of the digital newsletter Camino de Libertad, a digital magazine of Latin American politics.

«This joint effort, will be sent biweekly, and will have the collaboration of young university professors in Guatemala and Argentina, who show a deep esteem for the liberal classic tradition», informed David Amador, director of the IK Center.  

«This project is self-financed, and it shows that university research can apply market parameters and be efficient. At the same time, we are designing a regional space to diffuse ideas with the purpose of having an impact, precisely, in the market segment of new university professors», he added.  

«On behalf of the Hayek Foundation in Argentina, the developers of this project are professors Constanza Mazzina and doctor Ricardo Rojas, UFM friends», explained the director of the IK Center.

The articles of the first number (
PDF) are: The Latin American Institutional Fragility, by Ricardo Rojas; A New Year in Latin America, by Constanza Mazzina; Guatemalan Electoral Analysis, by David Martinez-Amador; and Searching for a Heir, by Alexander Bonsignore.  

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