Important for your safety

For your safety at the UFM Campus, we have an exlusive emergency phone number. 

The number is  2338-7777;  even though it is esasy to remember,  don’t forget to save it in your cell phone.

If you see something unusual  inside the UFM Campus, please report it to that phone number.  Remember you have to give the exact location of the place where the unusual event is taking place (parking lot, building, floor, preferably in front of what classroom, or an easy reference).

For your safety, the number is available in signs located on bulleting boards throughout the UFM campus; but don’t forget to register it in your cell phone.

Be careful with your belongins don’t leave them out of sight. Remember we are in an open and public space.In case you see any forgotten objects, please pick them up and hand them to Administrative, cleaning personnel or  security agents, so they can take care of them properly.Don’t park your vehicle outside the UFM campus, if you have to wait for someone to pick you up, do it behind the security station, at the guards sight.  ——————————




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