Interamericano´s students welcomed the UFM

Jennifer Leonowens, first from left to right, with a group of students

In order to know the campus and to obtain data about the University and the degree programs that are offered here, 68 students of the Interamerican School received the visit of representatives of the Francisco Marroquín University on Thursday February 9, 2006.

Accompanied by Jaime Tres, High school director; and by Jembly Miranda, orientator, the visitors participated in a general presentation of the UFM and soon they separated in three groups according to their different academic interests.

The visitors received information on the UFM´s degree programs, the process of admission and, also, on the commitment of this house of studies with
academic excellence, its
mission  that is, the education and diffusion of ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons.

The group of Economic Sciences was oriented by Mónica de Zelaya, of Business Management and 3 of the schools alumni; the group of Medical Sciences was attended by Rodolfo Marroquín, from the Medicine School; Jennifer Leonowens, from the Psychology department and Jennifer de Prahl, from Nutrition.

The third group was oriented by Lorena Morales, from the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations. The visit to the School was coordinated by Rossi de Grazioso of the Department of Admissions of the UFM.

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