International Relations Symposium at the UFM

THe encounter will be an opportunity for everyone and represents a space for multiple college encounters, said Pedro Trujillo, EPRI’s director

The III Symposium for Central American students of International Relations and Political Sciences will be celebrated at the Francisco Marroquín University from July 19th to 22nd 2006, organized by the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations of this house of studies.

The same one will start with an inaugural lesson given by Armando de la Torre, titled Ethics and Politics; and the closing lesson will be given by Manuel F. Ayau titled Towards a new state model.  The Foreign Relations minister of Guatemala, Jorge Briz, will make an analysis on Central America’s projection.

Conferences and discussion tables will be given and coordinated by UFM professors and guests during the Symposium.  More details available at

Several professors and students from Central American countries and Mexico will assist to the event.

«We are sure that the encounter will be an effort and opportunity for everyone, and will represent a space for a college encounter with multiple facets, in which the participation, ideas interchange, mutual knowledge, theme discussion, detailed analysis and academic debate will be promoted», explained Pedro Trujillo, EPRI’s director.





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