Israeli psychologist at the UFM

Juan Ignacio Ardón, Michelle Slone and Karen Cancinos at the UFM’s teachers’ lounge.

Michelle Slone, psychologist and professor at the University of Tel Aviv visited Universidad Francisco Marroquín last January 25th of 2007. Doctor Slone is interested in subjects of social violence, political violence and the effects they have in children. When reading on the Internet an issue of the journal from the Public Choice Analysis Center, whose subjects were centered on violence and different approaches to it
(No. 25 Vol. 5 April-June 2006), she wanted to know the university and, specially, the work and analysis developed on social coexistence and public decisions. 

Professor Slone took advantage of her first time in our country to visit the UFM campus and to informally talk with University professors about parallelisms and the differences of social problems in Israel, South Africa and Guatemala. She also raised the possibility of elaborating co-joint research with the teaching staff of the UFM and the ones at the University of Tel Aviv on the mentioned topics.

Karen Cancinos, editor of Notes on Economy and Politics, the publication of
Cadep; and Juan Ignacio Ardón, professor at the Department of Psychology, accompanied Doctor Slone in the tour through the teachers’ lounge, Cadep, the Philosophy Department, the Ludwig Von Mises Library, the Department of Psychology and the Victor Frankl Psychology Clinic.

Doctor Slone expressed that she will return to Israel with an excellent impression of our university, new contacts and possibilities of academic production, as well as a Guatemalan daughter, because she adopted a young compatriot.





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