Javier Calderón participated in a youth liberal seminary

Javier Calderón, en uso del rotafolio, con algunos de sus compañeros de Seminario

Javier Calderón, student of Political Sciences at the Institute of Political Studies and International Relationships (EPRI), participated in XI the Seminary for Liberal Youth, which emphasised in the design of strategies for political campaigns.

The Seminary took place in Villa Lessing, Saarbruecken, Germany, with 20 persons from developing countries such as Nepal, India, Costa Rica, Malaysia, the Philippines, Lebanon and other several countries of America, Asia and Europe.

The meetings were carried out daily, from the 24 of June to the 1st of July 2005, and consisted of a series of presentations, conferences and exercises that were carried out from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Natalia Peral, Wulf Pabst and Petra Pabst, were in charge of organizing the international seminaries for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, which is sponsored by Germany’s Liberal Party.

In addition to the seminary, the scholarship covered a visit to the French city of Metz and the fields of Verdún. Where the event culminated. The event was not only an academic succes, but it served as a place where worldwide youngsters could share their experiences, culture and  friendship, Calderón explained.

His participation was possible thanks to the aid of the EPRI’s Institute; Cívica, the Guatemalan chapter of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and to the Foundation, that granted him the scholarship that covered all his expenses.

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