«José Cecilio del Valle» wellcomed the children from Universidad Infantil

The little visitors with Grete Pasch at the special collection José Cecilio del Valle.
Fotos by: Luis Pedro Mirón A., Ingrid Barrera and Ana Lucía Ortiz

«Guided by Ondina Barrios de Ramirez, 62 children between 2 and 10 years old, from the school Universidad Infantil,  visited the Francisco Marroquín University and Jose Cecilio del Valle´s library the 28 of November of 2005», informed Rossana de Grazioso, director of Admissions of this house of studies.

«During their visit, the little toddlers went to see the fish at the entrance of the Library Ludwig von Mises and to play in the gardens, while the bigger children entered to visit the Library. They had the opportunity to see the main book collection and the special collection of Jose Cecilio of the Valle.  They were entertained while Grete Pasch, the director of the library, told them about old books «, related Dulce Franco, coordinator of the Information Center at the Library. Dulce, with Luis Pedro Mirón, Guillermo Pineda and Julio Arenas guided the kids through the library.

«They saw some illustrated books of different subjects like insects, fish, geography, flora and fauna of Guatemala, the Mayans, and others. Our visitors even suggested stories of Harry Potter and fairies. The pleasant visit concluded with a stroll by the lagoon where the children played and fed the fish «, she concluded.

When thanking the attention provide to the young visitors, Ondina Barrios de Ramirez said: I want to deeply thank you for your human quality and the impact that this has in the childrens formation.  I am sure that today they´ve had a very positive impression of this institution.

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