José Luis Tapia in academic activities

José Luis Tapia, first from left to right, while exchanging ideas with a group of students

José Luis Tapia, executive director of the Free Enterprise Institute of Peru, participated in a Socratic Discussion of his book Economía, empresa y libertad, and participated in other academic activities during his visit to the Francisco Marroquín University.

The dialogue was held on April 26, with the participation of:  Roberto Blum, director of the David Hume Ethics Center; Julio César De León Barbero, head professor of the Social Philosophy Class; and David Martínez-Amador, director of the Ibn Khaldun International Research Center.

Tapía also participated in a short seminar on political processes in South America and the lessons to learn by the Latin American liberals.  He also participated in a Socratic lunch on the political expectations of Peru.  In this other two activities with students, assistant teachers and professors from the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations participated.

«This kind of dynamics are enriching and complement the classes of Strategic Analysis, Political History, History of Iberoamerica and Iberoamerican Political Thinking», said David Martínez-Amador.

Tapía visited the UFM before participating in a colloquy of Freedom Explorations, whose main topic was Commerce.

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