Joseph Keckeissen, Distinguished Guest of Huehuetenango

Joseph Keckeissen, during a seminar at the UFM

«Doctor Joseph Keckeissen, professor of Economics and Social Philosophy at the Francisco Marroquín University, was declared Distinguished Guest of Huehuetenango  by the Municipal Corporation of that Guatemalan City», informed Edwin Cardona, assistant professor of Dr. Keckeissen.

«Keckeissen visited Huehuetenango to impart a lecture on Economic progress in Huehuetenango and the roles of the different sectors.  The same one was held last June 9th 2006, where he was also given the distinction», Cardona explained.

During his conference in Huehuetenango, Keckeissen spoke about why there is no progress and why are we behind.  He explored the change of attitude theme, and referred to the creation of capital, education and the auto sufficiency spirit.

Joseph Keckeissen was a disciple of Ludwig von Mises, in New York.  He is professor of the MBA program at the UFMs Business School.  He has a Ph.D. from the New York University, an MBA from the Columbia University and a B.A. in Philosophy from the Don Bosco College.  He also teaches at the UFMs Henry Hazlitt Center.

«The conference was a huge success», Edwin Cardona said, while telling that more than two hundred persons assisted, including college professors, professionals and businessman.  The conference was transmitted live by Radio Activa F.M. and retransmitted by Astro Satelite TV.




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