Joyce Schwarz, at the UFM

Joyce Schwarz at UFM’s New Media Digital Resources Center

Joyce Schwarz, journalist and marketing expert, visited Universidad Francisco Marroquín last August 22nd of 2007.

Schwarz is director of Jcom, a marketing and branding business; she is also author of TechTV’s Cutting the Cord: A Wireless Consumer’s Guide, Successful Recarreering: When Changing Jobs Isn´t Enugh,  and coauthor of  Mutimedia: Gateway to the Next Millennium. The is also author of the blog

During her visit at the UFM, Schwarz visited the
New Media Digital Resources Center, since her main interest is technology and communications, and met with Grete Pasch, director of the Ludwig von Mises Library; as well as Luis Figueroa, director of Public Relations .  She also visited the Advanced Technologies Center; and spoke with professor Albert Loan, who that day concluded a series of seminars on Socratic Practice at the University.




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