Juan José Ramírez, lecturing in an International Congress

Juan José Ramírez, at the UFM’s garden

Juan José Ramírez, assistant professor of Social Philosophy at the Francisco Marroquín University, will present the lecture titled Psychology of free men, based on Friedrich A. Hayek’s thinking   during the international congress The Austrian Economics in the 21st Centurythat will be celebrated in Rosario, Argentina, in September 2006.

«That human beings are able to choose is a characteristic that makes us wonder on the existence of the mind in order that the bunch of chaotic stimuli that, at the beginning of individual and social life, describes human beings, constitutes an order capable of preparing men to adapt his conduct to certain conduct regulations and social institutions.  The mind constitutes the connection that allows individuals to know what a private action sphere is, ruled by impersonal, general and abstract norms that make possible westerns civilizations most precious achievement: freedom», explains Ramírez in his lecture.

The congress is organized by the BASES Foundation and the Friedrich A. von Hayek Foundation, with the sponsorship of the Francisco Marroquín University, the Arts and Humanities School of the Rosario National University, and the professional Council of Economic Sciences of the Santa Fe province.

Juan José Ramírez is an industrial and organizational psychologist by the UFM; he studies a post degree in economics in this house of studies.  He has worked as an assistant professor in Economics, Mises and Hayeks Social philosophy; has been an associate professor in Cognitive Sciences and Theories of Ibero-american Development at the UFM.  Currently he is an associate professor of Economics at the Panamerican Univeristy in the Masters degree program on Social Communication and Public Policy.  He is a member of the Philosophy Seminar at the Francisco Marroquín University and currently cooperates organizing the visit of Joaquín Fuster a neuroscientist, to the UFM on August 2006.

«I would like to thank all of my friends at the Social Philosophy Department of the Francisco Marroquín University for receiving me with so much tolerance and aperture.  Undoubtedly, without the help of the invaluable team of academics, my modest intellectual contributions in the Austrian psychology field would not have overcome the senseless babbling stage.  It is an honor, for me, to represent, with Walter Hernández, our appreciated liberty house in international circuits», Ramírez concluded.




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