Julio César De León Barbero received recognition in Lima

Ph.D. Julio César De León Barbero, next to Julio César Krüger Castro, director of IIPPLA, while receiving his recognition

Julio César De León Barbero, head Professor of the Social Philosophy class, at the Henry Hazlitt Center of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, received a recognition for his educational and investigative work during the 1st Journey of Philosophical, Juridical and Political Analysis, celebrated in Lima, Perú, last June 21st of 2007.

In that occasion, Doctor De León Barbero also lectured the conference titled The Austrian Theory of Institutions.  The Journey was sponsored by Instituto de Investigación del Pensamiento Peruano y Latinoamericano (
IIPPLA), and the Círculo Peruano de investigaciones filosóficas y Transdisciplinarias (
DIAPOREIN).   De León Barbero, in addition, is a member of IPPLA´s International Consultative Committee.

The conference of De León Barbero was commented by Doctor Raimundo Prado, the Magistrate José Carlos Ballón and by Antonio Ramirez, from IIPLA.

During his visit to Lima, De León Barbero visited the School of Letters and Human Sciences of Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, dean of the universities of Latin America and he met with the director of its Publishing House ne.  De León was invited to lecture one week seminary, on liberalism.

While in Peru, he visited the Institute for Free Enterprise, directed by Jose Luis Tapia where he approached a series of subjects related to the ideas of Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich A. Hayek, with the scholars that reside there.

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