Julio H. Cole published an article in Econjournalwatch

Julio H. Cole during a conference at the UFM.

Handling Economic Freedom in Growth Regressions: Suggestions for Clarification, is the title of the article written by Julio H. Cole and Robert A. Lawson, that was published in the edition of
[ January of 2007] (PDF) of Econjournalwatch.com

Ph.D. Julio H. Cole is professor at the Economic Sciences School of Universidad Francisco Marroquín and editor of the Laissez Faire journal of that academic unit. Doctor Robert A. Lawson is professor of Economics and George H. Moore Chair at the School of Businesses of Capital University.

Econjournalwatch.com is a triannual electronic magazine that publishes commentaries on articles that have appeared in Economic journals and serves as a forum of economic research and economy as a profession.





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