Kristine Boehm, from Harvard to the UFM in interchange program

Kristine Boehm at the UFM garden.

Kristine Boehm, who recently concluded her Third year of Government at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Harvard University, is studying at the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations, of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, as part of an interchange program.

Kristine Boehm, came to the UFM in order to keep in touch with Guatemala, and learn about this country, Central America and the Caribbean; as well as to get acquainted with the teaching methods of her native country, she explained.  

Boehm is Guatemalan, graduated as Bachelor in Sciences and Letters at Colegio Alemán de Guatemala in 2002.  After the graduation, Boehm obtained a scholarship to study in the United World College, along with 200 students of 88 countries; and when graduating as International Bachelor, from that educative organization, she went to study to Harvard University.

Once she concludes her experience at the UFM, Kristine Boehm will return to Harvard to conclude her Senior Year.





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