»La tragedia de la drogadicción», for sale at the UFM

The book is edited by Lumiere, in Buenos Aires

The thesis of La tragedia de la drogadicción (the tragedy of drug addiction), by Alberto Benegas Lynch (son), is direct and simply dont criminalize what is not a crime, says Alberto Montaner in the prologue of the mentioned book that is for sale at the book stores in the campus of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

«Alberto Benegas Lynch (son), one of the most important liberal thinkers of Latin America has putted his finger without fear in one of the most painful wounds, Maybe there is no other conflict as important, dangerous and universal in our times: this immense tragedy suffered by millions of persons addicted to certain harmful substances, whose consumption has been forbidden by a society in the middle of a planetary crusade lead by the United States of America», says Montaner.

«Benegas Lynch makes no illusions.  The disastrous consequences to drug addictions are widely known… but Benegas Lynch, who does not fools himself by the nature of this disgrace and human drama, does not allows this sad show to darken the other angle of the problem: the consequences of criminalization and prohibition of drug consumption are more devastating», explains Montaner.

«Reading this book turns opportune and passionate.  In the theme that Benegas Lynch analyzes we have a lot in stake.  Who knows if life itself», concludes Montaner.

At a price of Q250, the book is for sale at the CEES, Marro-king and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz bookstores, all of them at the UFM campus.

Alberto Benegas Lynch (son), one of the first professors of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín and author of bestseller books like Fundamentos de análisis económico, is at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín to teach for one semester. 

The visiting professor has two doctorate degrees, one in Economics and other in Direction Sciences.  He is President of the Sección Ciencias Económicas de la Academia Nacional de Ciencias, also member of the Academia Nacional de Ciencias Económicas, both in Argentina.

Benegas Lynch is author of fifteen books and other four in collaboration.  He is professor at the Universidad de Buenos Aires where he taught in five schools: Ciencias Económicas, Ingeniería, Derecho, Sociología,  and the Departamento de Historia de la Filosofía y Letras.  He was director of the Departamento de Doctorado at the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata and, during 23 years, president of the Escuela Superior de Economía y Administrador de Empresas in Argentina, where he is profesor emeritus.

He was an economic advisor fot the Bolsa de Comercio of Buenos Aires, the Cámara Argentina de Comercio, Sociedad Rural Argentina and the Consejo Interamericano de Comercio y Producción.  In two opportunities he was member of the board of directors of the Mont Pelerin Society and has received honrific degrees from universities in Argentina and abroad.  Alberto Benegas Lynch (son), received an honoris causa doctorate degree by the UFM in 1979.





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