Lecture of Walter Hernández to International Congress

Walter Hernández, teaching

The conference titled Origin of the righteous acting norms in Hayek, lecture on political philosophy, by professor Walter Hernández, of the Francisco Marroquín University, was accepted for the international congress The Austrian Economics of the 21st Century, that will be held at Rosario, Argentina, on September 2006.

In his work, Hernández says that this essay tries to unveil those [superstitions] that try to undermine our social values through the free interpretation of psychoanalysis, the old Cartesianism or Comtes decimononic constructivism.  But the most destructive effects come from the intent, by the psychiatrists, to treat their patients on the basis of freeing their natural instincts, therefore psychology is possibly mining something very valuable, like the inhibitor systems derived by social evolution whose functioning we dont understand yet.  The Hayekian posture is that the law (norm) is not an unalterable reality of nature and neither is the product of a rational elaboration, but the result of an evolutionary process that develops a norm system in virtue of its constant interrelation of the mutant order in which the human behavior evolves.

The congress is organized by the Foundation BASES and the Foundation Friedrich A. von Hayek, with the sponsorship of the Francisco Marroquín University, the Arts and Humanities School of the Rosario National University, and the professional Council of Economic Sciences of the Santa Fe province.

Walter Hernández has an M.A. in philosophy.  He is a philosophy professor at the Philosophy and Letters School in the Rafael Landívar University; professor of theological reflection, ethics and the Churchs social thought at the Theology School; and professor at the Pablo Sexto Missioners Superior Studies Institute.

He is also assistant professor at the Economic Sciences School of the Francisco Marroquín University of the courses Critical Thinking, Anthropological Philosophy and Management Communication; and assistant professor at the Henry Hazlitt Center at the Francisco Marroquín University, in the courses Social Philosophy and Anthropological Philosophy.  He is member of the UFMs Philosophy Seminar.  Also, he is an invited professor at the Humanities School of the San Carlos de Guatemala University.




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