Lecture on colonial images at the Popol Vuh Museum

Coralia de Rodríguez, during her presentation at the Popol Vuh Museum

The use of religious imagery in the process of catechizing the natives in America, during the conquest process, was the subject exposed by Coralia de Rodriguez at the Popol Vuh Museum, of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, last May 21st of 2007.

During her lecture, she also talked about the substitution of Gods and the sincretism that resulted from that process.

colonial section of the Museum offers an important sample of silver, images and colonial painting of Guatemala. In addition, the museum has an important sample of suits and masks from the XX Century, used in traditional folk dances that, at the moment, are not exhibited. 

The museum takes its name from the
Popol Vuh, book written shortly after the Spanish conquest of Guatemala that narrates myths and the pre-Hispanic history of quichés, whose kings dominated great part of the western plateau of Guatemala. 

The collection at the Popol Vuh Museum includes numerous objects related to myths of that book.

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