Lester Echeverría at Anthony Fisher Award’s ceremony

Lester Echeverría with Alvaro Vargas Llosa, from The Independent Institute

Lester Echeverría, member of the Public Choice Análisis Center of the Francisco Marroquín University and ex director of the journal Apuntes de Economía y Política, of that center, participated in the Atlas Sixth Annual Liberty Forum, during which the Atlas Economic Research Foundation gave Alvaro Vargas Llosa the Sir Anthony Fisher Award.

The forum included four sessions; two of them were oriented to the administration of think tanks and other two to public policy topics.

When concluding the Forum, Alvaro Vargas Llosa, from The Independent Institute, was announced as the winner of the 17th Annual Sir Anthony Fisher International Memorial Award, for publications that contribute to the advances of the liberty cause.  Vargas Llosa is author of the book Rumbo a la libertad, among others.

In this opportunity, Echeverría also participated in The Heritage Foundations Annual Resource Bank Meeting that gathered more than 500 executives from think tanks, public interest specialized layers, functionaries and activists from all over the world to discuss topics, strategies and methods to promote public policies based on free markets and government limitation.

The events were held from April 20th to 22nd at Colorado Springs and, during the same ones, Echeverría gathered with members of think tanks from all over the world.

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