Liberty Plaza, heart of the UFM’s Cultural Center

Night view of the main entrance to the Liberty Plaza

The Liberty Plaza at the Cultural Center in the campus of Universidad Francisco Marroquín was designed as a preview to the most diverse forms of creativity expressed in exhibitions, concerts, conferences, theater and encounters.

Its slogan is » La libertad es el clima del genio, donde ésta no existe el genio no florece«, frase by poet Amable Sánchez.

Between the museums Popol Vuh and Ixchel, the Auditórium Juan Bautista Gutiérrez and the Seminar Center, the
Liberty Plaza is a tribute to human perfection attained through liberty to think, create, act, live and express yourself.

The plaza is adorned by the
, a work of art by Arturo de la Riva, based on the logo of the liberty plaza composed by several stylized human silhouettes dancing in the wind, symbolizing the importance of individual liberty in society. The silhouettes grow gradually reflecting that only in liberty we can grow as individuals.  The colors used are UFM’s, making emphasis in the red since it symbolizes freedom itself.

The construction of the Liberty Plaza was possible thanks to private donations and the sponsorship of Banco G&T Continental whose president, Mariano Granai Arévalo -during the
inauguration– said that «We defend the liberty to believe, liberty to decide and act, liberty to think and express, the liberty to respect and be respected».





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