Librarians met at the UFM

Grete Pasch, director of the Ludwig von Mises Library (fourth from left to right), during the CCBU meeting, at teh UFM.

The members of the Committee of Cooperation between University Libraries, of Guatemala, met at Universidad Francisco Marroquín last February 7th of 2007.

During their session, the participants of the
 of the Ludwig von Mises Library where invited, they got acquainted with the experience of these encounters and discussed the work agenda.  They also visited the exhibition
, at the UFM’s Cultural Center.

The objectives of the
CCBU are to share available information resources in the university libraries, to interchange information, to discuss common problems and look for solutions, to formulate projects that benefit the universities and the country, and to facilitate the inter-librarian loan.

The members of this committee are librarians from the universities Del Itsmo, Del Valle, Mariano Gálvez, Mesoaméricana, Panamericana, Rafael Landívar, San Carlos de Guatemala and Francisco Marroquín.

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