Lucy Rodríguez, at Of Free Expression

Lucy Rodríguez and Marcelo Furlán

Lucy Rodríguez, at Of Free Expression’sedition held last Tuesday April 25th 2006, interpreted songs by U2, Aereosmith, The Cure and Incubus, among others.  Rodríguez is a freshman student at the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations.

During the event, Adelaida Loukota, from the Ludwig von Mises Library, read La culpa es de uno, from Mario Benedetti; 2 hours, 16 minutes and 30 secondsand Siempre nos piden que entendamos, from Charles Bukowski; and Tu nombre y la Luna, from Jaime Sabines.

Iván Morales, from EPRI played music by Manu Chao; Marcelo Furlán singed a song from Bob Marley and Juan Pablo Castellanos from Economic Sciences singed original music and from Enanitos Verdes.

Mario Cárdenas, from Medschool played the guitar.  There was an opened microphone and Iván Morales and Marcelo Furlán interpreted poems and exposed ideas of what freedom of expression is.  Morales said «lets take advantage of this, because the opportunity to express ourselves is not given to us every day, today is a special day»; meanwhile Furlán said «free expression is not speaking, freedom of expression is doing, doing things, loosing the fear».

The next edition of Of Free Expression will be on Tuesday May 9th, at 1:00 pm. At the Künstler Kaffee  of the Ludwig von Mises Library, with a piano recital by Raquel Soto.

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