Magermans selected for claustro of Bowling Green

Audra R. Magermans after its graduation in BGSU.

Architect Audra R. Magermans, of the promotion 2001 of the Faculty of Architecture of the University Francisco Marroquín, was selected to comprise of claustro of the Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

In addition to being graduated as the UFM, Magermans it counts on a Masters in Fine Arts of BGSU, title that obtained the 6 of last August.

In that North American university, Magermans will comprise of the equipment of professors of the Faculty of Architecture, teaching Diseño in computer, and Design to the students of first year.

During the time that happened in BGSU, arquitecta it published several tests on subjects of virtual architecture and the cyberspace. Magermans
worked, also, in The Center for Applied Technology of that house of studies. 

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