Manuel F. Ayau, freedom champion

Atlas wesite with Manuel F. Ayau’s picture to the right

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation included Manuel F. Ayau, founding director of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, in their gallery of Freedom Champions.

When doing reference to the titled article
The Remarkable Dr Ayau , published in The Washington Times by Richard Rahn, the Foundation placed Ayau in company of Milton Friedman, and other characters who have contributed with their work to the advances of freedom in the world.

«Manuel Ayau knows why Guatemala is poor.  But he has done much of the difficult work to settle down the necessary base for a free and prosper society», says the Atlas Foundation when mentioning Rahn’s article.

Atlas wants to see the development of free societies in the world and we think that this depends on winning the battle of ideas;  a battle that cannot be won without local institutions that defend human rights, economic freedom, civil society, the state of law and the limited government», their website says.





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