Manuel F. Ayau, in »The Washington Times»

Beverly Danielson and Richard Rahn, at the UFMs Business School

«When the lives of future generations of guatemalas improve, that will be, in part, because they will support themselves in the shoulders of the notable engineer, economist, philosopher, entrepreneur and professor Manuel Ayau», wrote Richard Rahn in The Washington Post last November 26th 2006.

The article titled
The Remarkable Dr. Ayau, was cited by Donald Boudreaux, dean of the Economy department of George Mason University in his blog called
Cafe Hayek the same day.

Richard Rahn is general director of the
Center for Global Economic Growth and writes regularly in The Washington Times.  Last November 6th, he participated in the Mont Pelerin General Meetin 2006 and visited Universidad Francisco Marroquín, joined by Beverly Danielson, who also assisted to the MPS meeting.

«Thomas Jefferson correctly observed that democracies hardly could become successful without an educated electorate.  Guatemala has had a history of political disorders and a poor educational system.  Mr. Ayau and his colleagues realized that without a high quality university that taught real economy… as well as the political and law classics, Guatemala would never had a trained team to conduct a successful democracy and civil society», Rahn explains.





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