Mario Bordalba taught at the UFM’s Law School

Márius Bordalba, at the UFM’s Liberty Plaza

To participate as a teacher in the course International Legal Issues, conflict resolution before the World Trade Organization, Ph.D. Márius Bordalba was at the Francisco Marroquín University from July 1st until July 9th 2006.

At the WTO the visitor has been juridical assessor of special difference resolutions groups; he has given technical assistance and training to functionaries of several continents in antidumping, compensatory measures and subventions; and has given assistance to several committees of the Norms Negotiation Group.

He is licentiate in Law, by the Lleida Universitat, and has a LL.M. from the Amsterdam School of International Relations.  He is coauthor of several publications on commercial politics and has participated in numerous seminars and workshops.

The course of International Legal Issues has three parts:  the first one was given by Lizzie Medrano, it was on the World Trade conflict resolution; the second part was given by Michael Gordon; and the third one was given by Bordalba.

During his first day at the UFM, Bordalba visited the Academic Building and its Socratic Wing, he got acquainted with the New Media Digital Resources Center, visited the Ludwig von Mises Library and the Popol Vuh Museum.




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