Mario Estuardo Archila: experiences in Holland

Mario Estuardo Archila, during his recent vivist to the UFM.

Mario Estuardo Archila, lawyer graduated from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, observed that the formation received in the School of Law of this house of studies was fundamental for the success that he attained during the masters degree that he studied in Holland.

Archila graduated with the Second best average of his promotion in the Masters in Law of International Businesses and Law of International Trade in the Erasmus Universiteit, in Rótterdam.

» The experience was impressive, and I was surprised by the great amount of lawyers that only apply legislation, without discussing, or at least thinking, if it has honest foundations», said Archila when commenting some differences that he observed regarding the formation of Law professionals in other parts of the world.

In the program there were students from around 15 nationalities, like Dutch, Germans, Turks, Indonesians, Dominican, Peruvian and Spanish. It was an enriching experience. Nobody knew the thought of the Austrian School; specially the Spanish, who believed in social democracy, until he changed and ran as candidate for the European parliament for a liberal party (in the Austrian sense), explained Archila when commenting how the philosophy of freedom left track in some students.





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