MBA students in a teamwork workshop

The challenging tests for the participants

 As a part of the integration program for the MBA students from the University´s Business School, a second group of students received a workshop of integration in the Center of Excellence of this house of studies.

«The ropes technique was used», explained Carla de Hess, director of the Center.

The facilities of ropes of the Center of Excellence are in a hill behind the Ludwig von Mises Library, where the
Arboretum of the UFM also resides. More than 1.500 people have received the ropes workshops, including students, educational and administrative personnel of this house of studies, as well as students of other institutions and companies.

The Center of Excellence is an educative project directed to the UFM students and other people to contribute to their  integral education, developing team work abilities and leadership.

Some commentaries of the participants were:

I believe that it was an excellent experience where I learned to work in teams, because we learn to trust others.I was amused, very educational and recommendable.It seemed to me very productive, with much education by all means, one learns to value teamwork.They are very well directed and prepared, they help to expand peoples vision in a pleasant way.Very challenging, it made us work as a team to reach our goals.Excellent, very applicable to life.The objectives that the workshop persues has a lot of practical applications in the industry.It seemed to be an enriching experience.Many things to learn, excellent analogies with our daily life and businesses.I believe that it is an activity where one learns not only from the challenges, but how to apply it in the organization.    

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