Michigan´s future architects at the UFM

The participants, at the UFM´s Academic Building 

In charge of professors Jonas Hauptman and Juliana Lieu of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and Rafael Yee of the University Francisco Marroquín, 10 students of architecture of that university are in this house of studies.

The visitors are here as part of an interchange program with the UFM and to help to the youth of the establishment El Pueblito in Guatemala city.  Information on the project is available,
here(PDF). Specifically, the class is Design III and it considers the Design and Construction in Guatemala, an intersection between class, culture and estethics.

The students of the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, who are in the UFM are: Joshua Bard, Todd Gattie, Simon Gore, Daniel Jarcho, Stephen Joseph Jelinek, Janelle Moody, Nicholas Quuiring, Elizabeth Rothwell, Todd Rutledge and Theresa Scherwitz.

On the other hand, the students of the UFM that participate in the program and will travel to the University of Michigan are Maria Ines Barrios, Douglas Huerrero, Ana Laura Gisbert, Fernándo González, Paula Higueroa, Mariana Martinez-Sobral, Camila Vizcaino and Iván Walter.





Epidendrum ciliare adornan el campus


Consecuencias no intencionadas del estatismo, en Xela


Nieve en el campus de Madrid