Naval Academy professors, visited the UFM

Meter C. Frederiksen, Jomana Amara, Francois Melese and David Martínez-Amador, during a tour through the Academic Building

Jomana Amara, Meter C. Frederiksen y Francois Melese, profesors at the Naval Postgraduate Academy, in Monterrey, California, visited the Francisco Marroquín University last Thursday, March 16th of 2006.

The visitors are in Guatemala giving a seminar about Administration and Strategy of Defense Resources, and were received by David Martínez-Amador, director of the Ibn Khaldun International Investigation Center of the Institute of Political Studies, at this house of studies.

During their stay at the UFM campus, the NPS professors visited the Ludwig von Mises Library, the Academic Building, it´s Socratic wing, and the Ibn Khaldun Center.  Martínez-Amador informed that «we are willing to develop an academic scheme between the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations and the NPS, to impart clases about security, strategy and defense to political science students». 




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