Nozick’s colloquy participants, at the UFM

Juan Carlos Cachanosky, Armando de la Torre and Antonio Yan Ho-don, during the colloquy lunch

Lead by Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., President of the Franciso Marroquín University, and sponsored by the Liberty Fund, the colloquy Nozick and Libertarianism  was celebrated at La Antigua Guatemala from April 20th until April 23rd of 2006.

The discussed topics were Individual Rights, Defending the Minimal State, Against the State, The Entitlement Theory of Justice, What is Ethics  and From Contractarianism to Utopia.  For this, they read Robert Nozick, Jan Narvenson, Herbert Spencer and Murria Rothbard.

In the world of ideas and liberty, the Liberty Fund is one of the most influential and prestigious foundations of the world.  Its commitment to promote research and interchanging ideas has been a light to many avid minds during several decades, including college professors, attorneys and businessmen.  To be invited to a colloquy or Liberty Fund Seminar is an honor in the academic world.

In this colloquy the participants were Lucy Martínez-Mont, Yan Ho-don, Juan Carlos Cachanosky, Fritz Thomas and Armando de la Torre, from the UFM; Arturo Damm, from Mexico; Steve Davies, from the United Kingdom; Daniel Dezner, from Chicago; Ronald Flores, from Guatemala, Martin Krause, from Buenos Aires; Donald Livingston, from Atlanta; Leonidas Montes, from Chile; Benjamín Powell, from California; and Robert Nelson, from Maryland.

Manuel F. Ayau participated as an observer and William Ruger represented the Liberty Fund.  At their arrival to Guatemala, some of the participants had lunch at the UFM campus; meanwhile Ruger participated in one of the colloquy on David Hume, in which Donald Livingston also participated and inaugurated the David Hume Ethics Center of this house of studies.

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