Nutrition students at the Excellence Center

Partial view of the students during one of the activities

“First we were scared but later, as we worked as a team, we had more confidence” was the commentary of one of the 23 Nutrition students who participated in a ropes workshop at the Excellence Center of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

The workshop, facilitated by Karina Bonilla, was directed specially for students from the School of Nutrition of this house of studies.

Other comments were that:It is very good since it allows the participation of the entire group and it unites us more.It was very good, because although it was seen as a game, I believe that it is applicable to our life.We could see our strengths and weaknesses as a group.I learned to be tolerant, and to making a better group practice.I learned perseverance, patience, support and teamwork.

The Excellence Center is an educative project oriented to UFM students and external people to contribute to their integral education, developing in them the abilities of teamwork and leadership, explained Carla de Hess, director of the Center.

The facilities of the Excellence Center are in a hill behind the Ludwig von Mises Library and comprise the UFM’s Arboretum. More than 3.000 people have received workshops that include ropes dynamics in the University, including students, educational and administrative personnel of this house of studies; as well as students from other institutions and collaborator of companies.




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