Orbaugh explains urbanism at the Ethics Center

Warren Orbaugh, Julián González, Wenceslao Giménez-Bonet and Astrid Ayala at the David Hume Ethics Center session

Spontaneous order and urban development were the topics explored by Warren Orbaugh at the David Hume Ethics Center session, in the Francisco Marroquín University, during July 13th 2006 edition.

Orbaugh explained that the city, as a form of association, is tightly related to liberty, being its Greek and Roman origins the polis and civitas of free men.  The city, he said, are its habitants; meanwhile the urban is the design.

He observed that when architects make urbanism they dont design cities but urbes, and that when a planner who wants to design a city, the first obstacle he will find is private property.  He also reminded that men was proprietary and not property of others.  The city favors the virtuous life in terms of tolerance and benevolence to attain happiness.  As a matter of fact, he explained, the courteous behavior comes from civil, and this one from civitas.

Architect Warren Orbaugh is professor of Architectural theory and design at the Architecture School of the Francisco Marroquín University.

The session was moderated by Roberto Blum, and the participants were Coralia de Contreras, Astrid Ayala, Julián González, Erika Bornholt, Amable Sánchez, Susana de Blum, Ramiro Alfaro, Andrea Muso, Margarita de Urrea, Gunther Meléndez, Wenceslao Giménez-Bonet and Luis Figueroa.

The Center looks forward to provide an open and permanent space to reflect and discuss on human experience, ethical values and ethics in a society of free and responsible persons; to diffuse the ethical principles of a society of free and responsible persons; to be an electronic document source, in Spanish, on ethics, economics and social cooperation.  Its activities are possible thanks to a donation of doctor Ray Dawson, ex professor at the Columbia University and friend of the Francisco Marroquín University.

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